John Horne


I love photography and, whilst I take it seriously I also aim to enjoy it. After all, there's no point in devoting lots of time and effort to this activity unless it makes me happy!

And when it comes to photographs that make me happy, I've long since realised that creating images to please others doesn't always do it. Sure, I can enjoy the challenge of producing images that fit a brief or go down well with a judge. That can be a bit hit-or-miss, though, and ultimately I've concluded that it is more satisfying to produce images that do something for me.

Many of the images I particularly enjoy creating are studio-based. This allows a level of control that appeals to me, but I have recently been expanding my range by exploring more opportunities outdoors. Images that make the most of light and form, those that have a strong narrative element, or those that show the beauty of the subject bring me most pleasure. I am less interested in equipment and settings and more interested in creating pleasing artistic images.

"All photographs are self-portraits", said photographer Minor White. In which case the photographs on this website offer a glimpse of how I see the world, of what appeals to me. Maybe that reveals more about me than any words I can offer here.

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