John Horne

The photographs presented here are a selection of my favourite images, some recent projects and work-in-progress. I hope you enjoy looking at them; I hope you feel inclined to linger over some of them; and I hope that in some of them you appreciate what beauty there is to be found in this world. Do feel free to share your thoughts with me - you can find my contact details on the About page.

What's new
  1. Retro Rob

    Portraits from an excellent session with a most expressive model.

  2. Balloon Flight

    A hot air balloon flight offered a rather unfamiliar perspective of the Surrey landscape.

  3. Spiral Staircases

    An ongoing project, with the most recent addition being images from the stairs at the Newport Street Gallery.

  4. Street Art

    The most recent additions to this ongoing project are from Brick Lane, London.